Documentary Short Film - TRT 10:30
The documentary short film explores the enduring legacy of the Tyrolean settlers who answered an advertisement in the late nineteenth century seeking a better life in faraway Peru. Today, over a century and a half later, the small self-sufficient cattle-raising village of Pozuzo in Peru remains home to their descendants.
The film takes a close look at the community, examining how the descendants of the settlers have maintained their unique Tyrolean culture and traditions in a rapidly changing world. It follows the lives of several locals, documenting their daily routines, their work on the farms, and the challenges they face in preserving their way of life.
The film also delves into the impact of modernization on Pozuzo, exploring how the construction of a dirt road in 1976 and other recent developments have brought the outside world closer to this once-isolated community. The filmmakers capture the community's efforts to balance preservation with progress, highlighting how they have adapted to changes while still retaining their cultural identity.
Through personal stories and stunning visuals, the film brings to life the history and culture of Pozuzo, celebrating the legacy of the Tyrolean settlers who created a new home in a foreign land. It presents a poignant reminder of the importance of preserving cultural heritage while embracing progress, showcasing the resilience of a community that continues to thrive against all odds.
PRODUCED and DIRECTED by KATJA kulenkampff and Mo stoebe.
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